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Tonight's the Finale!

This year Chanukah and Christmas have been intertwined. Chanukah began December 18th. Lasting eight nights it traversed and the two met on Christmas Eve, continued on into Christmas and tonight Chanukah is over at sundown.

It has been a celebration of light beginning with the Solstice. Deidre Hade speaks of Chanukah holding the light of resilience, perseverance and faith and Christmas the light of salvation, joy and hope. Emerging from the darkness of so many challenges we call on the light of perseverance, resilience and hope to carry us into the stream of life itself and rest in joy.

What better way to enter the joy than with music. I share two songs with you I love. I hope you enjoy them too.

Love and Blessings,


Little Drummer Boy - Big sound, big drums, Epic version!

Hallelujah - Exquisite!

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