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I feel so good after our session, I am deeply grateful. I feel like I am listening to my seat of intuition (in my belly) and can feel myself operating from that space and it feels wonderful!  


dd  -  denver, co


What a blessing you were and are to me.  I have experienced such a heightened level of peace since our work together.  Thank you so very much.


sh -  ft. collins, co


I feel so very blessed!  Thank you for helping me reconnect with my heart, gut, and spirit - and connect with my beloved nephew and guide.     It's much more fun feeling empowered!        


db -  oahu, hi


I thank you from the deepest part of my heart and soul. I have been in total Grace and joy. I remember!


mr -  sf, nm


Whenever I find myself tied up in knots of confusion and angst, you untangle my knots and provide much needed clarity and insight.  I am grateful for your voice of reason, heart of compassion and your spirit of healing.  With your intuitive insight you see into the heart of the problem.  Your words immediately resonate with me.  And the energy clearing brings me a deep feeling of peace.

sk, albany, ny  


Najda is absolutely an amazing person and healer. Over the years I have a wide range of experience with psychotherapy and CBT and Najda helps me accomplish in an hour session what traditionally might've taken three months. Her level of experience, gifts and skills and training are at a level similar to the Super Bowl in comparison to what might be compared as high school level. She has and continues to change my life in incredibly positive ways with every session! Forever grateful, 

Dr. Steve H., MD.  Co.

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