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for a Greater Sense of Well-Being



I offer sessions by phone, online and in person  Please ask if you would like a free phone consultation.

You may feel that just one session brings the change you are looking for.  Yet many people find that having a regular session, whether that is weekly, biweekly or monthly brings them deeper inside to reveal and release hidden beliefs and stuck patterns that are holding you back from the joy and freedom you seek in your life.

Cancellation Policy - 

A 48 hour notice is required to cancel a session in order to not be charged.  


All sessions are DONATION-BASED.  There is a suggested donation of $125/hour. 


  If you cannot afford the suggested amount, please pay what you can.  You can choose to give more if you wish.  I want anyone who is seeking healing to receive it.  So when you consider giving a larger amount, this will allow more people who truly cannot afford to pay to receive healing.  We do offer a scholarship fund.


Scholarship Fund - If you would like to help someone in financial hardship to receive sessions please make a contribution to our Scholarship Fund.  Email Najda at for details on how to send the funds.  Thank you.

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