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Work With Najda


I offer energy healing and intuitive counseling. The energy healing brings in deep Source energy.  I also use kinesiology along with intuitive guidance to help open and clear trauma, limiting beliefs and emotional/spiritual imbalances.   As we talk,  I open to guidance that helps release fear and connect you more deeply to your soul so that you can experience more compassion and love for yourself and others.


This work is an integration of the many modalities and practices I've experienced and that have brought me greater freedom and connection to myself.  I know that when I experience my soul in my body, I am home.   It is this journey back home to the self and to the soul that I love to support in others.


In our work together I provide a compassionate and safe space for you to open to, admit and allow the fears and limiting beliefs that hold you back.  We will bring guidance and understanding to the darkened places of confusion, discouragement and fear.   As the light streams into those blocks and imbalances they naturally dissolve into your heart and your heart expands in hope, wisdom and unconditional love.


Love & Blessings,



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