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I Always Thought It Would Be Easy

I must have gotten this trait from my dad. He was always seeing the positive. He even sent me this patch he inscribed. I had just graduated college and was living in Colorado. I found it in the mailbox shortly after I arrived. It reads, 'No Critical Days The Sun Comes Up Every Morning'. So dad, I thought. I joined in and smiled along with the patch. He must have remembered us talking about biorhythms, circadian rhythms that occur during the course of a day and may impact us physically, emotionally and intellectually. “During critical days of the cycle, when the rhythm is changing, the physical rhythm becomes erratic.” ...Whatever the reason, many of us experience being stuck in the mud and no matter how hard we try we're stuck. We wish we remembered the quote we read a couple of days ago and even if we find the quote, it's not clearing the fog. It was at such a point that I noticed the fight I was having with myself. Why aren't I feeling the comforting Presence? And then I heard these words, "I always thought it would be easy." The moment I heard this, the wind went out of my stressed state and I relaxed. It's not always easy to feel happy, relaxed and in the flow.
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