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Updated: Apr 18, 2021

We've been waiting for this day. The Day when we would feel the turning over of a new leaf begin to gain momentum in the collective. Amanda Gorman assisted us with this movement forward when she read us her inaugural poem. Through her words and her presence, she gathered us all in the palm of her hand and declared, words have meaning. They are true and holy. "There is always light, if only we're brave enough to see it. If only we're brave enough to be it."

We are warriors and we are brave. Since most of us feel we're all in this together we want to do our part. To assist and contribute in the gathering momentum of light and love in the midst of the throes and suffering of major change. At the close of the calendar cycle on December 21, 2012 there was anticipation of a new beginning; of more kindness, justice, inclusion. I created a design to express that hope. It feels the right time now to bring it out again.

On the back of the card I included these words, 'It's said we are entering a time of greater love and caring for one another.' Like a tumbleweed this prayer for more kindness and caring has been gathering force until the events on January 6th further catapulted us all closer to a New Day and A New Way.

More milestones will come and invite us to celebrate with prayer, gratitude, dance and song the one life we all share on this beautiful planet of ours.

Wishing you a Blessed New Day.


The Women's Long Sleeve Hoodie is available in Deep Royal, Fuschia Frost & Charcoal


The original cards are still available! The year 01 (2012) and 2013 are printed on top and bottom. The new cards will not have the year.

$4.95 each

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