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A Mother's Love

The mother Bear has always been the quintessential example of a mother’s love. This is because of her fierce, protective nature. She steps forward and with courage goes forward to shield and safeguard her young.

At Guadalupe Mountain Healing we have the Bear out front. In her I feel the full force of something powerful, big and compassionate. She lives in the mountain of renewal and regeneration. Guadalupe the Bear. I'm not meaning to belabor the name but I can't help it. It calms me down and lifts me up. It is a presence in itself and the One behind it bolsters, sustains, and nurtures an expansion in me. A call to prayer, to service, to humility and community.

Perhaps you feel Her nudging you, including you in the pleat and fold of Her love and protection.

Guadalupe The Bear tall glass candle is now available for purchase for $13.95, shipping included. Please visit my website and click on the About Najda tab.

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