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A Hero's Journey

Out of the Darkness Into the Light

There have been far too many challenges coming at us.

As soon as we felt safe enough to perhaps take a breath without our masks

Ukraine has been attacked

and the breath has felt like it's gone out of us.

On top of that we have our own personal challenges and difficulties.

We have more than enough worries and anxieties to bring on

collapse, losing our zest and leaving us with complete fatigue .

It can feel like the light has gone out.



Our suffering implores us to open our eyes

See the light

Experience the beauty.

The darkness is there for us to climb our way out not to get lost in it.

For this we need strength

At every moment when confronted with troubles Can we remember We have a choice to fall into the pit of darkness and suffering or to choose the light In us Around us Among us When we choose the light we triumph, we reunite with that power. We are the hero and heroine emerging from battle. I am here to support you on your journey. When you're feeling tired and discouraged I will help you regain your strength your light and your love. Love and Blessings, Najda

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