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What Is Our Worth?

Heart Wide Open In Love And Gratitude to Dr. Paul Farmer And from where does your worth come from? Poor, destitute, sick and failing and left to die alone. How does that make you feel? Worthless and not important. That I don't matter that I have no value. I have nothing to give and you turn toward me and administer your love and healing. Am I worth saving? A life of no importance no career or savings. Parched and sickly, panting to catch a breath not able to sit up and smile.

And you give to me anyway. Why am I worth saving? I have nothing to contribute, I'm not on your team, there's no light shining from me to give to you. Emaciated, old, dried up and of no use to anyone you turned toward me and sat down. Tossed aside left to die someone of no value no worth certainly not important. You gave life back to me. You healed my body and in so doing communicated to me I had value. You saved my life and my soul woke up. One person's love made all the difference. Dr. Paul Farmer 1959-2022 Bending The Arc - a documentary on the life and work of Dr. Paul Farmer Mountains Beyond Mountains , biography on the work of Paul Farmer

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