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The Inspiration of Guadalupe the Bear

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

The Original Guadalupe the Bear

When I'd speak to people about my work, they'd often ask, "What's your business name? Do you have a website?" I'd answer the same each time. No, I don't have a website or a business name. Completing the thought to myself I'd say, I don't need that.

But timing is everything. A few weeks ago a friend said, "You need to get on social media". I realized he was right. I needed to branch out, move out of my comfort zone, let myself be seen in a bigger way.

As I mulled over a name for my business, great names flew out of my mind. I thought each one was unique until I'd check them out and found it was already taken. I must have come up with hundreds of names, at least it felt that way. They were either already taken or had endings I didn't want like .co or .us or .me

Why is this so hard, I wondered. I went inside pondering this question. After awhile I advised myself, "Instead of trying to come up with a great name, find out what your name is. What is the name that reflects who you are? I was beginning to realize I was in a birthing process similar to parents contemplating their new baby's name. I needed to do the same for my business. It now felt like sacred work.

The next morning I received a text from Nichole. She was saying hello, asking how I was. I told her I was wanting to create a website and get on Facebook. I shared with her that if she lived closer I'd ask her to help me. A flailing older generation novice on the computer and a tech savvy thirty something ish, comfortable jumping into the tech puzzle of the moment. “We can meet on zoom and do it together," she offered.

This was an answer to a prayer. The following Saturday she began our meeting letting me know I'd need a domain name. I have one! I practically shouted through my computer screen.

When I contemplated the name, Guadalupe Mountain Healing was there. I knew it was my name because I experienced a warm, circulating energy in my heart. The name warmed my heart, my breathing became slower and I felt like I had just landed. "Do you have a logo?", Nichole asked. Oh jeez, I hadn't thought about a logo. No, I don't have a logo.... Wait a minute. I have a logo! I have the logo. The image of Guadalupe the Bear had appeared to me years ago when the Bear had nestled on the steps of the Guadalupe Church in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The logo was the next puzzle piece.

She then suggested we could include photos. I wanted to use photos I had taken. Each one selected invites you into sharing a place of beauty I adore.

As crazy as this sounds to those of you like Nichole, who navigate the computer like you do driving a car, my website coming to life before my eyes felt monumental, a miraculous manifestation! Nichole was magic, her creation was magical and I was deeply, deeply grateful.

Nichole, in her skillful and creative manner created a website that reflects who I am and what I want people to experience. I hope you feel welcomed, uplifted and inspired to shed discomfort and embrace your bigger, calmer, more loving self.

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