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Rebirth & Renewal

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

April has ushered in the start of spring. The holy week of Passover, Good Friday and Easter let us know with certainty that rebirth, renewal, and exuberance are here.

Mary Magdalene was by Jesus's side. She is a woman of Nature. She exudes the aliveness, abandon and groundedness that Mother Nature shares with us always. If we're not feeling safe and sound, she takes us by the hand and brings us back to our heart. She shows us that the heart, bursting with life and with love is the only place we feel settled. When we're back there we feel ourselves quiet down and relax.

Mary Magdalene is the strong woman. She abounds with the fullness of life. The sacred slips out her fingers. She shakes the holy out through her hair. Her feet crush the divine into the earth as she walks. She resides in her heart. She knows she is a spark of the divine.


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